It’s important to plan for today and the future. GPS Wealth Advisers provide a host of options that are suited to your risk profile.


Planning for a healthy financial future requires the right investments. Astonia Private Wealth can assist you in making these decisions.   

 At Astonia Private Wealth we work to help you define your investment goals and expand your financial portfolio.  Understanding where and when to invest your money can be complex. You must manage levels of risk effectively to ensure that you gain the greatest return on investment. 

Grow Your Portfolio With The Right Investments

At Astonia Private Wealth we specialise in providing expert advice to individuals who are interested in further growing their finances in exciting new directions. We help you build the right plan for the future of your wealth while also implementing effective tax strategies to ensure that your finances continue to grow.  

We provide a holistic approach to financial management, guaranteeing that the service we offer matches your financial profile as well as your individual goals. We provide a variety of options that are specifically suited for your risk profile.

want to expand or improve your investment portfolio?

If you are interested to expand or improve your investment portfolio, contact our team. We can provide personalised advice to assist you in making key decisions that will determine the future of your finances.  

Enjoy your lifestyle today while you keep an eye on the future.

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