Debt Management

Do you want to manage your debt to increase your overall equity? We will help you create a debt management plan to help you decide your next financial move. 

Gain more equity

Building equity with your debt is possible through margin lendinga type of investment loan that allows you to utilise your existing assets to manage your debt, this can be achieved through securing a loan, while using your managed funds, existing shares, or other assets as security

At Astonia Private Wealth we assess your financial situation, create a unique debt management strategy for you, and help you leverage off your existing assets.  


It is important to put plans into place to increase equity, use your debt to build more wealth, or use your existing assets to gain more lucrative investments. Our team of experienced financial planners help make debt management simple and rewarding. 

see how you can benefit from debt management

Find out how we can assist you with your debt management. Book a complimentary appointment and speak to an experienced professional who will discuss your needs and goals with you.

Enjoy your lifestyle today while you keep an eye on the future.

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