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Astonia Private Wealth is a Sydney based financial advisory firm, with clients all over the country. With combined strategic planning experience of 25 years, Astonia offers its financial expertise & coaching to its clients, helping them make critical decisions.

The firm focuses on providing individuals and families with expertly tailored strategic advice. Moreover, they help them implement advice with a proven execution process. Astonia is not owned by or affiliated to any bank or financial institution, thus giving it’s clients the confidence that the advice provided is unbiased and true. The firm strives to provide financial advice with trustworthiness, competence, honesty, fairness and diligence.

About our Founders

Vineet Singh and Amruta Shah run Astonia as joint directors. They are passionate about helping clients achieve a better lifestyle and retire with a secure financial future.

Vineet Singh

Vineet is a director and a principal financial adviser in the firm. Before joining Astonia, he worked with NAB for nine years, helping their clients as a senior financial adviser. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and SMSF Specialist Adviser (SSA).

Vineet is passionate about helping clients get financially organised and achieve their goals. As a financial adviser and coach, Vineet provides expert advice and a direction, helping his clients focus on their goals and aspirations. Vineet’s role is to make informed financial decisions about the life his clients want to create, whilst tailoring the advice such that their present lifestyle needs are not overlooked.

Vineet specialises in wealth accumulation strategies. These include superannuation, self- managed superannuation, retirement planning and retirement income (annuities, Centrelink & pensions), investments, managed funds, margin lending and debt management. He also specialises in wealth protection strategies such as personal insurances (death, disability, trauma & income protection), savings plan and estate planning.


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Founders with 25+ years experience

Amruta Shah


Amruta has worked as a trusted Senior Financial Adviser in the banking and finance industry for over 15 years. In that time, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve a better lifestyle and retire with a secure financial future – life goals that many of her clients thought would not have been possible.

Amruta is passionate about helping her clients get financially organised. It is vital to bring in families and partners in achieving this. The process she follows is holistic and tailored to the needs of the household. She has often been commended for the empathy she has, the fact that she listens and understands, and the attention to details she exhibits in her work. Her clients are thus assured that their financial affairs are well managed, giving them the peace of mind that is a hallmark of good advice.

Amruta’s areas of expertise include Strategic Financial Planning, Superannuation/Self-Managed Super Fund, Pre-Retirement Planning, Retirement Planning, Income & Wealth Protection Strategies, Wealth Building, Investments and Gearing, Debt Reduction, Estate Planning, Tax Planning and Minimisation and Aged Care.

She has a bachelors degree in commerce (finance and accounting major) from Macquarie University, is a Certified Financial Planner (with the Financial Planning Association) and a Tax adviser (with the Tax Practitioners Board).

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Our Investment Committee

Dr Mark Brimble

Mark is an independent member of the CARE Investment Committee. Mark holds a doctorate in capital markets and is keenly interested in investor behaviour.

Emmanuel Calligeris

Emmanuel is Chairman of the CARE Investment Committee. Emmanuel holds a degree in economics and previously had 20 years’ experience as Chief Investment Officer for OnePath Investments (the investment arm of ANZ Bank) and was responsible for $13 Billion of funds under management

Grahame Evans

Grahame is the Risk and Compliance member of the CARE Investment Committee. Grahame brings over 35 years of financial service industry experience.

Rob McGregor

Rob was a founder of GPS Wealth, developed the CARE Investment Philosophy over the last 15 years and successfully managed $100m in clients’ funds during the GFC.

Our Management team

Jason Penna
Paraplanning Manager
Errol Whitley
Business Development Manager

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